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Business card boxes 500, This is the price you charge for a delivery usually within a 25 mile radius of your base location. You may go 1 mile or the full 25 miles but the charge is the same. Many companies simply use the base charge as their home base City and use a flat rate for the entire City depending on the size, of course. This is an important price, however, because often times more than 50% of your business will be done here. This one has some bumps in it. Your per mile charge must be competitive and reflect the market you are working in.

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Business card boxes 500 Some areas get more per mile and some less. It depends on where you live. At the date of this writing, I see per mile charges of from $1. 35 $2. 25 per mile in various areas. What you have to decide is what price your customer can live with, while allowing you to make a living, keep up the maintenance and pay for the gas.