Glitter paper business cards


Glitter paper business cards, Business cards are essential. You may create your own in your pc or purchase a few cheap in a local printing location. If you are able to afford to purchase them buy some door hangers also. I have set door hangers on doorways where I hear or see a puppy in a backyard. Business cards are a excellent advertising tool and also this company sells itself. You are going to want to charge so if you're walking more than 1 dog at a household.

Glitter paper business cards It is possible to offer a discount, but be sure to charge. You could even establish a monthly fee should you walk the dog more than 1 time every day. Establish a pay arrangement that both you and the client are comfy with. To acquire first time clients you might choose to supply an introductory cost, say a few months worth of dog walks at half cost, or you're able to provide a goody bag to first time customers.

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