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Disney Birthday Cards Some of the heroes are accustomed choices, abnormally afterwards September 11: Police Woman, Firefighter, etc. But how abounding of us anticipate of sanitation workers, electricians, plumbers, gardeners, mail carriers (voiced by Kathie Lee Gifford) and farmers as heroes? Or a blast abettor (voiced by Cyndi Lauper)? Although the heroes acquire celebrity voices, the Higgly Kids ascertain that the absolute stars all about them are the humans who break problems every day. Some of the dilemmas get a little antic from an developed perspective. For example, if Kip climbs a timberline to save a admired adjacency cat and her kittens, his accompany advice him. Why, if he gets stuck, can’t they advice him aback down? Ahem…when was the endure time you tripped and panicked? You charge advice in your own activity every day afterwards cerebration about it.

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The adorableness of “Higglytown Heroes” is that it celebrates alive together, “having fun together,” and the Higgly Kids as able-bodied as their families never yield for accepted the Heroes in their lives. The Electrician (Lance Bass) gets arrive to allotment in the “Higgly Monsters” TV affair afterwards acclimation the chip for Kip’s house. The Fire Fighter (Donald Faison) who gets Kip out of the timberline shares in a altogether affair for the adjacency cat. How abounding of us go out of our way to acknowledge the humans who accomplish our lives easier? Sometimes we overlook to see them as humans with needs and feelings. We even overlook to see our own families as heroes. Kip’s Grandmama (voice of “Golden Girl” Betty White, with Rose Nylund-like hairdo) knits the kids sweaters. Kip’s real-estate abettor Mom, Bitty, acts like the body of ’50s domesticity, but gets adored if Kip and his accompany accomplish her a get-well card. Wayne’s Mom, Plunkie, shows the kids a caterpillar and drives them to the beach, while Wayne and Twinkle’s Uncle Lemmo cooks them breakfast at his booth and, in the Christmas special, drives Wayne and Twinkle about in his sleigh.