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Electronic Birthday Cards The custom of sending greeting cards could be traced back into the early Chinese. Ancient Egypt have led to the start of the custom of exchanging cards. European traded handmade paper cards at the thirteenth century on event of Valentine Day. Through time, the admissions were being shipped to many occasions including birthday.

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Someone could use both of these 2 kinds to make cards. You may either make printed cards or digital cards. A printed card is a good pleasure to make. There are lots of varieties of birthday cards that are printed. It is possible to use the standard format that is rectangular shaped. The front page includes room for decorations and at the inner page you’re able to pen down your own poetry. It is possible to use ribbons and draw unique layouts and patterns on the front page. An individual can use the verses of poems or pencil down ideas on the birthday of their adored one. Someone may also add a memorable photo of this receiver at the front page. It is also possible to send an email card via your email. You may choose from many colors and personalize the dimensions and shape of this card. Some templates permit you to upload some private photo to make the occasion memorable.