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Facebook Birthday Cards This article gives guidance on how to install a lockset in an internal or external door. It examines early considerations and lists the tools need. It explains how to measure the backset and how to install the lockset. This article outlines what you will need to consider and do to prepare the bathroom structure itself before fitting a new set of bathroom furniture and fittings. The article assumes that you are at the stage before redecorating the bathroom to a new design.

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This article begins by looking at the main benefits of automatic doors from a user’s, and from an organisation’s point of view. The article then asks why sliding doors are so popular in the UK, and then lists 6 main reasons. These reasons are explained under the headings High Traffic and Hand Full, Energy and Air Flow, Making the Most of Limited Doorway Space, Light and Safety, Architectural Fit, and finally Visual and Image Enhancement. This article begins by highlighting the origins of revolving doors. The article goes on to describe the main features of revolving doors and their purpose. The last part of the article outlines the benefits of revolving doors. This article explores the different options and considerations for anybody thinking of installing swing doors. First the article outlines the different types of swing doors. The article goes on to look at the different options for swing door operators, triggers and sensors.