Friend Birthday Card

Friend Birthday Card As with any web site, a lot of people look before one buys! It can be a challenge trying to show the quality of your product on a web site — after all your potential customers can’t pick things up and touch them, they have to rely purely on images. Many people that have ordered cards from us are absolutely blown away by the look and feel of the cards and envelopes. Most are subconsciously expecting the type of thin, nasty cards that you get at your local 7-11 store, but we prefer to spend a few cents more and have our cards printed on one of the best quality Dutch Ivory boards available. This makes for a much more expensive and upmarket impression, and delighted customers!

friend birthday card intended for ucwords - Friend Birthday Card
Friend Birthday Card intended for ucwords]

I would be delighted to receive a card that doesn’t look like 99 percent of the cards out there. In addition, you offer value-added services, such as the
Some people may want to give their cards in person, or maybe get everyone at work to sign it — you never know. It’s mainly a case of covering all the bases. If someone orders 10 or more cards like this in one go, we pass on the savings in postage and transaction costs by giving the customer a 40% discount on the total. Sounds like a great way to energize/organize your life and help other people in the process! Is there anything else you would like potential clients to know about you? Paul Leonard: Keep an eye on our site — we have a shed load of new cards to be added over the coming months, covering many specialist themes that would be hard to find elsewhere. We are also working on some free reminder software to help customers keep track of their friends and family’s special occasions — this will be like nothing ever created before and it will be available for download from our web site when it’s finished!