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Grandma Birthday Card In my opinion, there’s no bigger way celebrities can compensate their abandoned salaries than absorbing and sometimes educating kids. And They Might Be Giants get the “cooler than Elvis” vote for singing the affair song to one of Playhouse Disney’s newest hits, “Higglytown Heroes,” which is aswell on their CD/DVD for kids, “Here Appear the ABCs.” For those of you not accustomed with all things Higgly (an adjective acclimated as abundant as “Smurfy” but not, acknowledge Higgles, as a verb), the alternation centers on a babyish boondocks and four tots called Eubie, Kip, and ancestors Wayne and Twinkle. Anticipate “South Park” with bigger art and no abhorrent mouths. The arch accent is, “Aw, pickles,” usually accurate by Twinkle (pinker than Trista Rehn Sutter!) afterwards her absurd annual for analytic the kids’ dilemmas get acclaim punctured by Fran, a affable accumulate accurate by Edie McClurg.

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In anniversary two-episode half-hour show, the Higgly Kids acquaintance common, innocent adolescence contest such as award a caterpillar, hosting a television affair for the Happy Hairy Higgly Monster Primetime Special, accident a tooth, Kip’s Grandpa bound in the bathroom, or caring for an black bird. The kids try to break their problems, guided by Fran who is the articulation of reason, helped by their admiring families and the ever-enthusiastic abnormally Bill and Ted-ish Pizza Guy…plus anyone special.