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Taylor Swift Birthday Well, I guess the idea first came to me a couple of years back while sitting in a traffic jam! I’d just been to the store to get a birthday card for my sister at the last minute — I always forget people’s birthdays — and was trying to fill in the address with the envelope balanced on the steering wheel. I remember thinking that there must be a better way! A couple of months went by and, on my birthday, I got a birthday card from my sister. It obviously hadn’t been sent by her but by a computer via the web — my name and address was laser printed on the back and it arrived in a window envelope. The message inside was laser printed in rather soulless black monotype. I can only say that I felt a bit offended, considering the trouble I had gone to two months earlier, but then I realised how much time and energy I would have saved by using a service like this.

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The only thing that put me off was the impersonal ‘junk mail’ appearance of the card, so I began to search the web for a service that would allow me to send a card that would look like I sent it. After a couple of hours I gave up because I couldn’t find what I was looking for. That’s when it clicked — there was a gap in the market that I could fill. As an IT professional specializing in Intranet systems myself, I soon had the website built and my brother-in-law, who is a graphic designer, came on board to help with the creative side. Through his contacts he also helped to source the cards that we use. After that, a lot of fine tuning and acting on feedback from our customers has got us to where we are now. .